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Tri-State Nondestructive Testing, INC., otherwise known as Tri-State NDT, is a service company which specializes in the nondestructive testing field for Pharmaceutical, Petro-Chemical, Refrigeration, Electric Utilities, Railroads, Paper Mills and other industries.

From our headquarters located Staten Island, NY we are able to service customers across the Eastern United States market.

Tri-State Nondestructive Testing offers various types of nondestructive evaluation and nondestructive inspection services. These services include:

Tri-State NDT provides fast, accurate, and reliable evaluations and inspections of pipes, tubes, welds, cranes, bridges, ships, boilers, tanks, railroads, commercial air conditioning units, and building structures. We also provide annual inspections as part of your annual maintenance plan.

Tri-State Nondestructive Testing is dedicated to providing the best nondestructive testing in the industry. Our proprietary software and hardware that we developed allows us to monitor all phases of the inspections and verify all of the testing results. No matter what the size of your inspection needs are, Tri-State NDT Inc. will be able to assemble a team of specialists to meet your needs in accordance with your specifications and standards, and provide reliable nondestructive evaluation results.

Inspections from Tri-State Nondestructive Testing are:

  • Accurate
  • Reliable
  • Professional
  • Cost-effective
  • Monitored and reviewed to ensure quality results

Please Contact Us to learn more about our Nondestructive Evaluations & Testing. We service the entire United States.